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The BIG Three



The big three here in the Keys include Bonefish, Tarpon,  and Permit.

The pursuit of any one or all of these can be the thrill of a lifetime! 

Whether using fly gear or spinning tackle these gamefish require accurate casting and a stealthy approach. 

The ever illusive Grand Slam is catching all three species in one day!

Family Fun Fishing


 Family fun fishing refers to general action fishing. This type of fishing is best for the novice, the kids and anyone who just wants to catch fish! This type of fishing can also include keeping a few fish for dinner. The general theme here is bent rods and smiling faces!  

Angling the Florida Keys


 The Florida Keys offer some of the most ecologically diverse ecosystems in the world. The proximity of the Everglades National Park, The Gulf Stream and the Coral Reef creates not only amazing water clarity but some amazing angling opportunities. The Florida Keys offer something for every level of angler from the novice to the most experienced. 

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